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    Mentor required for intraday emini trading. Must be prepared to demonstrate consistent profitability in real time and offer proven track record. I have approximately 4 years full time trading experience, and having tried almost "every indicator in the book", my preference is to trade with price and volume only. Please p.m. for further discussion.
  2. Consider Vad Graifer at
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    I am charging $500/hr. Is that acceptable?
  4. What you ask is not realistic. The person that fulfills all your requirements can better invest his time in new clients. New clients generate commissions that surely will exceed the amount you are willing to pay him, and on top of that they don't have to disclose any trading secrets.
    What you in fact ask is that someone, who has proven to be successfully, would share for a few dollars his knowledge with you.
  5. These still exist in a couple of forms - on floor clerk jobs or off-floor trading assistant jobs. Both are difficult to get and usually require a pretty tough hide. However if you find the right person and/or company and are willing to put in a couple of years of listening more and talking less then they can be very good deals, culminating in a funded trading slot.
  6. Fresh Bait :p

    Sorry my friend but you are on every VENDORS short list now!

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  7. Pretty demanding- I didn't realize YOU were in the position of power in this situation...
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    Just out of curiosity - is there compensation for the mentor or is he expected to work for free and just appreciate the opportunity to work with a talented student?
  9. Even a university professor does not take on students without compensation. They get paid by the univeristy etc and usually their students are expected to work on their projects as part of their training - whether the student is getting a stipend or not.

    I really dont think the trading business has changed: you get mentored by working as an assistant or clerk unless you are willing to pay professional rates in exchange for the training.
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    Maybe I should have included a disclosure stating that I was being sarcastic......
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