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  1. Ever since I was little, I wanted to invest. I have read many books, I have researched various styles and types of investments. My freshman year in college I was back testing strategies. During college, I focused on fundamentals and value investing. After college, I realized I need to take the plunge. I need to just "step up to the plate."

    It is a classic topic on these boards, but I am looking for a mentor to help me make that leap and guide me through the process. I am willing to give all the profits I make to the mentor, I just need food and a place to sleep. I have a few individuals in mind that I will be contacting, but I was wondering if anyone here might be interested in such an arrangement or if there were any suggestions.

    I know I am capable and determined it only a matter of time.
  2. bluefalcon please don't take this the wrong way but are you by any chance an extremely eager to please female? Would you be what folks would call 'exotic'; the girl with a dragon tattoo type without the stupid tattoo? I don't know if you have ever seen Bette Blue but like that or that Spanish girl from e tu mama' . A brunette. Do you like falcons and birds in general? I do.

    I have never contacted someone of the opposite sex before on the net... it seems really wrong, I'm married and 46 but in this greater concept of stock investing and mentoring and all that... I'm game. As to sleeping over on the couch this can happen I just have to dream up a contest that I would win... you would be my prize. What could the wife say to that?

    I wonder if ET would sponsor it?

    I wonder if we might pitch a reality show even though the art is dying.

    Do you inhale?

    answer this one question- " The most annoying drivers on the road are ( what )
    drivers "

    Assuming you have answered that question correctly (hint rhymes with Bette Blue) are (a) female and are you (b) pretty darn sexy I know... I know REALLY WRONG stoney I agree. I have had many a homely female friend I'll assure you and I make no judgments about looks... many a smart gal is big. It's just that I have been with the same great gal for almost 30 years. When I turn 50 god help me it will be 30 years- completely faithful despite the fact that I worked with models while at Warhol Studios. And I really really want something exciting to go down before I'm officially old.

    If you are not a or b of the above please disregard this post.
    yours truly
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    Are you stoned again?

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    What kind of stuff did you smoke today? Maui Wowie?:D
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  7. What is your risk capital?
  8. Stoney ........ u are right , must be one helluva great lady u have back there... No woman would would put up with this much of wind for 30 yrs.:D
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    You wanna make stupid posts like this that have nothing to do with the topic at hand, then send the OP a private msg you geriatric pill taking, douchebag loser.
  10. best advice u will ever hear just do it. start small and learn. as long as your not 40 you have plenty of time.
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