Mental/background checks for gun purchases

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  1. I think mental fitness tests should be given to gun purchasers. All those who think they must have a battlefield-type weapon to fight off the government, or who think they can't have fun with their gun unless it carries 30 rounds at a time.. It goes without saying those people should be assumed to be developmentally retarded, mentally unbalanced and kept away from those kinds of weapons.
  2. I have two mental illnesses.

    The first one is Logizomechanophobia.

    If you Googled that, you'll know my second illness.

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    Agreed, though thankfully you don't get to define mental fitness regarding gun ownership. Of course if I could define mental fitness regarding gun ownership there would be very few legally armed liberals.
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    You're just trolling now. You have nothing intelligent to say because you lack sufficient brains or imagination to do anything but sit at home and fume about what other people do. Try getting a life of your own.
  5. Oh come on. I thought it was pretty clever and required some imagination, it was actually pretty creative....and true! You for instance fit the description don't you?

  6. ok put my order in for an m-60 with 2 barrels please, armor piercing rounds , m320 grenade launcher white phosphorus and high explosive rounds 20 thermite grenades and 10 claymores.

    Just put it on my bill with my portion of the national debt , thanks
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    It wasn't.
  8. Yes it was.
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    "Clever" isn't the descriptor people here associate with your nickname.
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    I'm picking up an F/A 18. My background check consisted of being able to get an entire bar to sing along with me when I spontaneously broke out in song. And I had to be able to deliver "I feel the need for speed!" with ultimate coolness.

    That Kenyan Muslim with the fake birth certificate can have my F/A 18 Hornet when he pries it from my cold dead fingers.
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