men's least favorite holiday is coming up

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  1. that's right, it's almost valentines day, the most dreaded holiday on a guy's calendar. i'm gonna have to pony up at least $900: $170 for flowers (it's for 3 people), $100 dinner, and a $600 handbag this chick was hinting at.

    damnit i hate these commericalized holidays.
  2. Valetines Day is a quiet one for me. I try to get through it by not saying something stupid.
  3. It's the only day you see men buying flowers that aren’t I-messed-up-flowers. Anyway, I don’t know the big obsession with flowers. 1. They die. 2. They are thoughtless. Get flowers either when men f-cked up, bday, vday, or anniversary – nothing special, thoughtful or exciting about that. Now, getting flowers on an off, unexpected day is nice.

    Next, stuffed animals. WTF am I supposed to do with these things? I can handle 1 or 2, ok maybe 3, but how many of these useless dust collecting creatures can you possibly keep?

    Chocolates - I like those. Anything edible is good in my book and because I don’t have to worry about storing or displaying it, I give it two thumbs up.

    Finally, heart shaped jewelry – necklaces, rings, bracelets, lockets have got to go. There are only so many regiftables I can use per year.

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  4. Clearly, this whirlwind of corporate worldwide flower selling has somehow, got up your nose, Miss annaland.

    Pray thee do tell, what exactly is vday?
    Like in "victory " over men or something, maybe, i dont know.
    You women are strange, arent you.:)

    Your not seriously trying to suggest, men everywhere, should-attempt something both romantic, but non-commital at the same time, without the benifit of a designated time frame? Thats crazy talk, honestly.

    Ok, YOU dont like stuffed toys, YOU dont like flowers that in all likelyhood a few dozen third world children produced, YOU perhaps wouldnt like the super special pilot whale & beaked dolphin meat platter, but you know......what would you like.

    I'll bet, there is a chocolate flavoured, meat based, flower incorporative stuffed toy out there for you somewhere,(that was not a reference to surf) entirely without love heart symbolism, that would totally float your boat, seriously, you deserve the best.

    For the demanding (or insane) valentine, i recommend, a candlelit dinner for two, over a couple of pan fried, inch thick and a half thick whale fillets, absolutely BLASTED on crazy heat for 7minutes per side, with a gourmet quality ceasar salad and combo wasabi sauce/bbq dressing,cant go wrong. Byo bean shoots.

    Whale............the meat of love.
  5. you're obviously married for a long time.

    if you were dating, you couldn't get away with this approach.
  6. Valentine's used to run me about $400. Always in the form of cash. After all, that's the only gift high priced hookers would accept.
  7. So you have 2 side dishes? :D
  8. I'm not sure if this is a national holiday or not, but in Houston, we celebrate the greatest of all mens holidays on March 14th, exactly one month after Valentines day. It is called "steak and B.J. day", and is highly publicized on radio. Anyone else?
  9. yes, but thankfully the two side dishes are satisified with just flowers, whereas the main course wants flowers and dinner and a designer handbag.
  10. Cutten


    The only money I spent today was on 3 bottles of beer. No flowers, no gift, no dinner, nada.

    And yeah I'm dating and no I'm not married. Being pussy-whipped is a choice, you only got yourself to blame if you let a woman make demands and then cave into them. You need to take control and let her know who is boss.
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