Men & Women of ET - This Isn't A Dress Rehearsal!

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  1. and I emphasize DRESS!

    No matter who you support or what party you vote with we all need and deserve to know what kind of woman we are allowing to run for the 2nd most powerful posiiton in the World AND at a time when the GOP Presidential candidate is 72 years old and has/had cancer!

    In my view as I have expresssed before on ET this is a joke and insult to the Amercan public. Sure maybe Sarah Palin is basically a nice person like anyone else! She has good and bad traits like most of us! Who cares??! I want someone with experience like Biden or Romney or Lieberman or ANYONE besides her...... sitting a hearbeat away! These are VERY critical times in the world and in this Country. This is not a rehearsal for Sarah Palin and the women of the Country to "make history" with the wrong woman candidate!

    We don't need a dumbed-down administration AGAIN like we had under Bush for EIGHT long painful years! Did we all forget Bush's infamous dufussness?!

    If nothing else a vote for Biden and Barack Obama, even if you dislike some of their so-called policies, is a vote for INTELLIGENCE charisma and the ability to communicate on a high level about issues of domestic and international import ... AND in the case of Biden a person with unmatched foregn policy experience!

    Biden is a man who on November 5th could step into the role of President and we can sleep at night! He will bring counsel and guidance to the White House ala Cheney!

    This matters!
  2. Always vote people who are normal. Everyday people.
  3. Mercor,

    how about voting for US president a former drug addict, alcoholic, spoiled loser in life and newly found evangelic with the brain of a peanut?

    Or maybe vote for someone who thinks that global warming and climate change is not something influence by humans, but divine? Or that there should be no birth control?

    What exactly is "normal" in your definition, Mercor? Do you apply a very wide scope to "normality"?
  4. George W made folks believe he was an everyday, down to earth "good" guy, a real Washington outsider that was coming in to shake things up. He relished the image as a "non-intellectual" everyman. How did that work out anyway?
  5. Lucrum


    1)Allowing? We the people haven't "allowed" anything yet have we? As long as she/they meets the constitutional requirements McCain can CHOOSE anyone he wants as a running mate. We the people make our choice as to who to allow in the White House at the polls don't we?

    2)You mean an insult to liberals don't you?

    3)Apparently the liberals, they haven't shut up about it since the announcement.

    4)Then exercise your right to vote for someone else. Just don't tell me how to vote because you think you know what's best for me.

    5)In case you haven't noticed, many of us are worried about "making history" with the wrong male (Osama) candidate!

    6)I'll have to check and get back to you.
    But I don't think Bush is running this time around.

    7)"So-called policies"? Not much of an endorsement coming from a supporter.
    Palin has got enough INTELLIGENCE and charisma for me thank you very much.

    8)You mean his vote FOR the Iraq war
    which you liberal's oh so despise? Or do you mean his work with the foreign relations committee? Last I checked the liberals were crying about how our foreign relations were all fucked up. Or is it that the chairmen of that committee bears no responsibility?

    9)It might help you and your ilk sleep at night, but not me.
  6. Perfect prescription for mediocrity in leadership...

  7. Stosh


    I'll go with the lower IQ if they are firmly grounded in the principle of limited government (i. e., the Constitution). Sarah may be the one......Bush disappointed me. Stosh
  8. Is Sarah running for president?


  9. No, but you'd think she was listening to the hysterical rants of the left.
  10. Since the repubs are afraid to talk about the real McCain, not the phony McCain at the convention, it leaves the dems little to talk about...but Palin.

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