Men Who Do The Housework Are More Likely To Get LAID

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 3121, Aug 6, 2009.

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  2. Maybe by the guy they're living with.
  3. +10 :D
  4. I just spit my drink all over my computer ahahahahahahahahahaha

    funniest comment ever!!!!:D
  5. One time, I was sitting right by the stage of a Bobby Slayton show. I was wearing a suit. I'm laying back in my chair., tie undone, had a pile of cocktail napkins from wiping my eyes, just red and laughing my ass off. He caught my eye, and I saw him bite his tongue. He later said his biggest kick was having one of those umbrellas in a foo-foo drink shoot out some guys nose because of a punch line.

    Sorry about your keyboard.:D
  6. It is funny how a seemingly innocuous coment can catch a guy offgaurd.... that was definately one of the best im still chuckling today when i come to the thread... I will send you a bill for my keyboard:D j/k it was worth the laugh!!
  7. You can buy keyboards. Can't always buy a laugh.

    Unless you know Nutmeg, the little whore. He'll sell you one. :D
  8. Isn't Bobby Slayton the guy who asks, "how does anybody ever get hit by a train"?
  9. I think maybe. He had one of the greatest put down lines of all times. There was a guy (I saw him maybe 10 times, so this was one show) sitting right next to the stage, and Slayton picked up on him. He wouldn't let go. He asked the kid, "who bought you that shirt?" The kid mumbles, looks down, and this goes on on and off for like 20 minutes. Slayton says, "look. You might as well tell me, because I'm not gonna quit. " So the kid relents and mumbles, "my sister."

    Slayton exclaims, "Your sister???!!!???. Well she must love you, because a hooker wouldn't fuck you while you're wearing that."

    Then he finds out the couple is on their first date. He asked, "what kind of first date is this, sitting stage-side at one of my shows (he's known as the Pit-bull of comedy)??"

    "You wanna good first date? Take her out for Sushi. If she swallows that, you're in!!!"

    And for years, I've wondered how that that date worked out. I figured she spit the sushi out, he took her home, changed his shirt, and got a hooker. But I'm guessing.