Men, the Gender Wars Are Over — We Won

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    Confidential Memo

    To: All Men

    Re: Operation “Feminist Movement”

    "Men, our long twilight struggle with the opposite sex is over. Our victory is total.

    Can you believe the way things used to be? Remember when our fathers and grandfathers would drag themselves to mind-numbing jobs every day, having the sole responsibility for the feeding, clothing, and housing of their entire family?

    And things were no easier before marriage, when men’s quest for sexual satisfaction was all too often hampered by the widespread moral code which taught women not to give out the “milk” for “free.”

    Well, that state of affairs just wouldn’t do. So we men came together and did what we do best — formulate and implement a plan. First step, design the perfect world, the perfect male world. We decided such a world would consist of two things: less responsibility and more — and no-strings — sex.

    Brothers, have we succeeded.

    The amazing thing, really, is how easy it was, how fast the old world of obligation and responsibility dissolved. The first, crucial step, of course, was convincing women that they had it bad, that our jobs were “intellectually stimulating” and not the soul-crushing monotony that they in fact were.

    It worked, and soon women were clamoring to join us on the job. It seems never to have occurred to them that we could have so easily prevented them from doing so — and yet we didn’t. We sidestepped without much fuss, actually, which had to have constituted the largest voluntary abdication of power in history. This alone should have tipped them off that something was amiss."
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    And yet, I miss the old days.
  3. And the coup de grace, we pay them less to do it. Bwaaaaahahaha
  4. we real men have always been on top :D
  5. :cool:
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    I honestly don't know what world you guys live in. Every woman that I see desires a man just as much as we desire women. They want us as least as bad as we want them! In fact, my gawd man, look at all the money they spend on trying to be pretty!???? Why do they do this if not to please men (or other women if they are gay, but whatever)? I adore women exactly for this reason, they so aim to please. What more proof do you want?

    As far as the feminist movement, it doesn't bother me one bit as long as it is based in logic. I see no reason that women should be payed less for the same job, or not be able to be president, or learning to read in Afghanistan, or whatever. Whenever it goes beyond those things that should have been equal to begin with, it doesn't sit well with me. But those are few and far between anyway in my experience. In any event, there are plenty of women left in the world that want no part of the feminist movement. Find those for yourself, but don't put down those that seek to be as equal as is logically possible. My dick doesn't go limp just because a woman says she is a feminist.

    Seriously, look in the mirror. Get rid of your anger. Be 100% honest with yourself. I have found that 95% of peoples angst is self-induced through lack of understanding.

    I do not mean this in a mean way. I mean it in a constructive way. If I am wrong, I am all ears.

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    When they showed the movie "GI Jane" to Navy Seals, many of them were like, WTF? Not one chance in a million.

    When Jordan O'neill finally earns her peers respect, they cheered at the same time the seals in the movie seals did. She became a soldier like any of the other seals.

    Respect is won, not given, for either sex.
  8. Men are not the winners either, feminism comes as a result of globalization, it is all about enslaving all humans, male or female, the philosophy goes as such; no-one shall serve anyone but us. <del>So</del> don't serve and please your husbands, that is old age crap, serve yourself, but to serve yourself all you need to do; is work at our companies, then go home and watch tv, <del>get turned on by seeing our products in ads,</del> and then go out and buy our products and services, <del>that way you have served and pleased us.</del>

    Globalization is great for it proves that almost all humans are born slaves, they are born to serve, if they don't serve x they will serve y.