men. its time to grow up.

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  1. i detect a lot of the immaturity of these types on et especially in the p&r thread:

    "According to Kay Hymowitz, whose new book, "Manning Up," was featured prominently in the Wall Street Journal in February, "legions of frustrated young women" are dealing with a new crisis in America: modern men refuse to grow up.

    It appears the 21st-century male is living a kind of extended adolescence. In the past, it was assumed men would receive a high-school diploma or college degree, then get married and settle down to the responsibilities of work and family life. Today, young men "hang out in a novel sort of limbo," keeping adulthood at a distance as they enjoy a lifestyle that demands few, if any, obligations."
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    i'm quite sure the bulk of what you detect is frustration at your lack of understanding in the plethora of topics you choose to thrust yourself into without first learning all the facts and details.

    as for some jaded, feminist's book on how men need to grow up, yawn.


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    The reason she thinks men need to grow up is because while she may have been able to snooker a couple men with beer goggles (Im talking like 0.40 blood alcohol) into teeing off on her, when they woke up in the morning from their alcohol induced coma and looked over they bee tailed it for the exit. :D