Men in black hurl 1,000 roaches during Taipei police chief banquet

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    Men in black hurl 1,000 roaches during Taipei police chief banquet
    5 suspects arrested in connection with dumping of cockroaches at Taipei police banquet

    By Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer 2021/05/04

    Roaches scurry around reception desk. (Taipei City Councilor, Wang Hsin-yi photo)

    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two men dressed in black tossed bags filled with more than 1,000 cockroaches at a banquet attended by Taipei and New Taipei police commissioners on Monday evening (May 3).

    Taipei City Wolong Street Police Station hosted the dinner at G House Taipei banquet hall on Xinsheng North Road in Taipei's Zhongshan District. There were 70 tables and more than 700 guests, including Taipei Police Department Commissioner Chen Jia-chang (陳嘉昌) and New Taipei Police Department Commissioner Huang Tsung-jen (黃宗仁).

    At around 7:24 p.m., two men dressed in black dumped the bags of cockroaches at the reception desk on the second floor of the establishment, before fleeing the scene, reported CNA.

    The Zhongshan Precinct of the Taipei Police Department and the department's Criminal Investigation Division and Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) have formed a special team and to investigate the incident. Chen stayed at Zhongshan Precinct station throughout the night as he oversaw the investigation personally.
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  2. One has to wonder whether they were running around capturing roaches or just...bred them. :vomit:
  3. May well have bred them. Given that there are cockroach farms in the vicinity with several billions of roaches, a thousand seems rather low though. If they wanted to make a point they should have dropped at least a million. :D
  4. The roaches probably ended up in a crunchy sandwich, made with artisan bread and served with a delicious coconut milk cappuccino. Mouth watering.
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    Men in Black don't like bugs. I call BS on the story.

  6. I can only imagine where they got those cockroaches from in those bags.
  7. I can, but to be perfectly honest, I don't want to imagine it. It's a terrible mental image. :vomit:
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    maybe from
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  9. I just had lunch, I am so not watching that. Why do people even need roaches. On a commercial scale that it, it's obvious why the guys with the bags of roaches needed them.
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    I believe pet shops sell them for carp / koy and suchlike.