Men: Do you have sympathy for Spitzer for cheating?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by turkeyneck, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. The guy was trapped in a sexless marriage with his wife turning into a dog. A divorce will cut his net worth by half. So the only way out (or "release") is to get a hooker or mistress.





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    You're assuming a lot. Some guys go to hookers for kinky sex their wives don't want to participate in. Heck, some wives probably encourage it, to keep the guy happy. As long as he's not bringing home a disease, she's happy to give him straight sex and leave the kinky stuff elsewhere.

    And there's a big difference between going to a hooker and getting a mistress. Hookers aren't looking for commitment, they just want to get paid for their time. Mistresses are competition for the wife.
  3. Here are some "qualities" to look for in a mistress. If you can find a girl with all these qualities, then you'll think you're in heaven:

    * She's drop dead gorgeous (if you want a mutt, then go to the local pound).
    * She's not a virgin.
    * She works somewhere called "Baby Cakes" or "Pussy Cat".
    * She doesn't have 3 or 4 extremely large brothers that are professional boxers.
    * She likes to knock back a few drinks (the more the merrier).
    * She's not married (especially not to one of the boys).
    * She's easily impressed by guys like you (pretend you have
    * cash). She has fake boobs.
    * She has low self-confidence.
    * She needs reassurance.
    * She doesn't have cash.
    * She's outside your usual social circle; way outside.
    * She will likely never run into your wife or kids.
    * She doesn't smell like fish... or worse, garbage.
    * She can suck a golf ball through a 20-foot garden hose (you'll find out indirectly).
    * She doesn't know how to use the yellow pages or any other tracking device to locate your primary place of residence.
    * She can't tell a $10 bottle of wine from a good (i.e. expensive) vintage kind.
    * She understands the benefit of a good spanking.
    * She likes meeting directly at a
    * motel, hotel and/or the backseat of your Cadillac. She's well acquainted with the words thong, heels and garter belts.
    * She has beautiful (and willing) female friends in case she can't make it or can't make it enough.
    * She doesn't gossip.