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  1. I have 512 MB RAM on WinME. When I first bootup my computer, the performance manager shows that I'm at around 68% free capacity. However, I can barely open both Realtick and TC2000 simultaneously (only on a fresh reboot).

    Is there a program which improved memory management? Also, how do I get rid of most of the icons on my taskbar that appear on bootup but I have no need for? I've removed almost everything in the Start>Programs>Startup folder, but the icons stay on my taskbar.
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    I don't know if this will help in your case or not, but I just downloaded and ran the freeware from the "Pop Up Ads" thread, post by North Pesos. Next thing you know, my system resources went from 75% to 85% free. Plus I surfed a few sites with pop-ups and good golly, no pop-ups! Thanks North Pesos.

    You have to delete some icons manually by sending them to the recycle bin.
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    Try this..
    click on "start"
    then "run"
    type in " msconfig" (witout the " ")
    should see a box with number of of which is "start up"
    This list all applications that run from starting pc..You can try unticking those that you know you don't need. Would not imo un tick "Systen tray" , or "tcasutiexe". Others depend on your set up.

    This is on win 98..which does not run memory allocation as well as win 2000.

    Hope this helps..
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    I forgot the question.
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    If you're serious about trading you really need to move to either Windows 2000 or Windows XP for their ability to handle memory better and to be stabler than prior OS's. Just my opinion.
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    TC2000 is a memory hog and does not release memory once used. I use it for end-of-day scans. Once I have my list, I need to close it and re-boot, then go to RT for the interday charts.
  7. Thanks for the advice, will most likely grab WinXP very soon.
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    Check on the MSFT website and your other vendor websites before you shuck out 99$ for XP. When I bought it and tried to install it I ended up with about 10-15 comparability issues.

    I also use tc-2000 and it is the only program I can run at one time without resources being low on my system. If I run my quotes and tc it is almost guaranteed I will lock or crash.
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    Good point, I forgot that I've heard it's a real pain to upgrade to XP. May be better off buying a new system w/ XP or upgrading to Windows 2000. I know the upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 went smoothly for me on a Pentium III 600mhz machine (not my trading machine). Windows ME is a newer OS than Win 98 so that upgrade should go smoothly as well.
  10. Try a memory management software like memturbo ( Installed it and never had any RAM problems ever since.
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