memory is sticky

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  1. I saw thread BUY in AAPL DIPS, the trend is reversed, people still think and act like AAPL is in surge
    Now I saw thread 'mayday, mayday, black monday', are we in this kind of market conditions? people still have fresh memory of traumatitzed event (very rare event), they act and think in the same way as BCAK MONDAY here.

    that is why I do not look at charts and quotes too often. when I look at a chart/a symbol too many times, I will have a good memory about that. that will make me to act and process new information slower and slower. sometimes I just wish I have a button, just like software APP.s, if some data I do not want, delete it in the memory.

    do not store historical data, delete it. history does not repeat, each moment is unique.

    if you blured a picture in ten steps, then show people in the reversed order, the most blured one first (nothing can be recognitzed), one by one, gradually, they will have hard time to recognize the thing in the picture even you show them the last one. but if you show them pictures with gaps, they will recognize thing faster.

    what this will help you? do not look at things too closely, and tunnel vision. in trading, ignore ticks to ticks move, even minutes bar, you will get a better picture of big swing
  2. bullcrap.
  3. ammo


    this is true market moves from one large price area to another,it chops in between,if you dont trade the chop it is easier to profit going to and from the large spots.. over simplified but true..