memory GRADE

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Gordon Gekko, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. i want to buy 512MB PC2700 DDR memory.

    on this page (, that memory ranges from $61-$128 depending on the grade.


    if i get the $61 grade would i probably notice anything different between the other grades or have problems??

    keep in mind i would not be using it for communicating with the space shuttle.
  2. Gordon - two factors involved - first, not all PC2700 memory is created equal and second, there's the old "name brand" vs. "generic" product issue common in lots of industries.

    With the versions of the memory on that page, there are differences in quality, density, and speed of the memory.

    Crucial Memory is probably the best place to start (they're priced right, they ship fast, and they stand behind their products), but you'll find similar multiple versions of the same 512MB PC2700 memory upgrade. Good news about crucial is that their memory compatibility finder is good and if you have any problem with compatibility when you order from them after using it to locate the specific part # you need for your machine, they won't leave you stranded.
  3. One thing I have been wondering lately as I sort out things computer...what is the difference with a "Corsair" memory upgrade different custom computer building sites offer?