Membrance of a Forex Trader

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Johann, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Johann


    Dear Fellow Traders:

    My thread is dedicated to all the forex traders who have walked the hard yards of spot forex trading and is still alive!

    Yes maybe you feel lost and frustrated in your trading but I want to encourage you today to never give up. My first rule of trading is: (1) Always take calculated risks in your trading. For me it means to be in a position to always go back to the market place when I got it wrong.
    I have traded this market for the past 12 years (full/part time) and it took me many years (from here the expression "hard yards") to discipline me to take calculated risks.

    Please join me in this first rule of trading. When you take contol of your risks THEN your profits will take care of themselves.

  2. spencer


    Great post - Thanks for posting.


  3. dev


    It is a rule of trading.
    But taking control of risk does not automatically mean profits take care of themselves. That's misleading info to post.

    It just means you get to play longer.
    Hopefully long enough to learn something useful about the markets - that ultimately, will allow you to make accurate statements about trading!