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  1. So I was reading some commentary on Thunderdog's Poll:

    And I got to thinking about the idea of awarding titles (ranking, such as SR.) based on a combination of seniority, as well as feedback from peers, and some discretion of board moderators.

    Doing so would give an incentive for the useful posters to stay and keep site views high, while at the same time helping to filter out some of the less useful posts and diminishing the self proclaimed delusional glory of some of the attention seekers.

    So, how about it Mods? Let's give some titles a thought.
  2. Has "The Decider" been spoken for?:D
  3. I figure it's a democracy; decisions should be administered by peers, with some discretion added by moderators, as aforementioned.:)
  4. Lucrum


    There used to be similar titles based on post counts. I forgot why they were
    done away with.
  5. Balderdash!! Unless Baron gives it a thumbs up you ain't doing shit motherfucker..Ivan, post this doushbags coordinates, he'll come out of his lair, a open doored Winnebego will drive by, a loud burp like sound with empty brass casings flying. Swiss cheese in a pink mist baby!!

    Rennick the Bull Gravono out:cool:
  6. ...?

  7. Is someone missing their meds today?:confused:
    Unless you have something constructive to say, I suggest you keep your commentary where it belongs-- in your diapers.

    Take a course in writing while you're at it, hack.
    dtrader98 out
  8. Whadeva, I thought it was a friggen masterpiece. Ummm, hack... Are you talking to me??

    Rennick De Niro out:cool:

  9. If I happen to get a lobotomy and overdose on a bad sheet of LSD, I might be in a better position to share your unique perspective on what qualifies as talented prose.:D

    Until then, could someone with an I.Q. greater than a microbe and a modicum of tact, please enlighten me as to why this is such a bad idea?

    It's obviously peeved some of our more senile... er, senior citizens.

    I'd be particularly grateful to hear some Mod's perspectives.
  10. To your point, they actually do rank member's posts on some of the more trading oriented websites and blog pages that I've been to.

    But ET isn't really about that.

    It's a weired mixture of half(wit) trading knowledge, desperate noobs, fake gurus and trader wannabe's sprinkled in with people who actually know their stuff.

    I think Baron is more interested in just letting it be the zoo that it is. :p :D
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