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  1. The reason that stocks fell to .01 Thursday is because someone tried to take delivery on an ES contract.

    What did they get by the way?
  2. CET


    Put down the crack pipe.
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  4. Alright I set my crack pipe down for a min...

    Obviously I'm not being serious, but..

    I know in futures, you own a specific amount of crude oil when you buy a contract of it, but what about the index markets? What do you own when you buy them?

    That's what I find so interesting is I can't actually figure out what I am buying or selling. It's like I own some vapor coming out of a humidifier and I'm saying the price goes up by 500 to 1,000 dollars each day.
  5. Stock index futures settle in cash.
  6. I just wanted to get someone to say "nothing..."