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  1. OMG.. Glad I dumped early this morning. I managed to break even for the day.
  2. have to stay with the neg trend, better off , don't fight the market imo
  3. I want to short but the last time I tried - I got whip saw. BSC is crazy - up 5 down 5.. etc..

    CHAP is one damn strong stock. It's not even budging.
  4. smackdown
  5. S2007S


    BSC should be trading under 100, will get there next week.
  6. mogul


    er2 is getting
  7. CHAP was bought, hence it ain't moving.
  8. This is really getting ridiculous...
    200+ in the red overdone..

    P.S. Banc of America analyst has reportedly come out and said the Bear Stearns (BSC 110.00 -5.63) stock decline is "overdone," citing valuation is at 12-year lows.
  9. hah.. that explains it. well orcl is holding it's own.

  10. They're talking their book.
    Probably long BSC.
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