Melt up...

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  1. Anyone know why or is it because everyone is afraid from before?
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    figure it out smart ass

    Senor Zen
  3. But, you always know everything Sr. Zen, tell us now, before its over.
  4. i'd kinda like to know my darn self.
  5. My opinion its another bear trap. People are dying for a sell off and are primarily short now. Thus, the mkt is going up simply because it can.

    I for one think it is bs, but it sure dont feel great.

    I am sure someone or two are buying the squeeze and will be bragging in a matter or minutes.
  6. This is a whipsaw because market sold off on nothing news so now people need to cover or get there positions back. It makes sense but very risky trade. I would be shocked to see s&p close above this area
  7. I like your explanation better. I think Sr. Zen is short...
  8. please understand.....

    no fear +low volume = just buy
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    I think u r mistaken.
  10. This has happened before right at 2pm EST, when the euro stock markets have just closed. EuroSToxx & DAX trading ends at 2pm EST.

    I'm wondering if it's a play between the US mkts and tommorows euro open? If these price levels hold there is bound to be a gap up in the EuroStoxx & DAX.
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