Melt Silver Coins?

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  1. How do I go about taking all my Solid Sterling Silver Commemorative Coins... melting them and selling them per oz of silver?

    I can't find anywhere to go that melts coins?

    I am not talking US currency, but silver commemorative coins.

    Any ideas?

  2. Contact nearby coin dealers. Your coins might have some scarcity/antique value that you could realize.
  3. That depends, do you have a blower powered crucible in the garage?

    About 1000 degrees C should do it, with the official melting point around high 900C.

    Your not suggesting, their not worth anything now?

    Alternatively, a few grands worth of oxy acetalene bottles and a well insulated fire brick kiln might produce results.
    Usually does.

    At issue, is how to disgiuse the well recorded , precise percentage makeup of said coins.

    If they are commemorative coins, they may not be us currency per se-but you can bet your boots it's tracked more tightly than greenbacks, for a start.

    Edit;i was talking about melting them, thats quite easy, moving them..........isnt my problem.
  4. lol...

    thanks :)

    problem is the coins are selling for way less than melt value on Ebay.

    I will keep looking

  5. Hold the phone.

    Your looking at ebay, to determine current price?
    E-bay?You cannot possibly have bought these suckers as an investment, for the time frame, and ...e-bay?

    A lot of things sell for less than actuall physical worth on ebay, its a giant, suckers pawn shop.

    A lot of things sell for more than their physical worth too, so best of luck.

  6. I have had these commemorative coins for 30 years. I can't sell these things and they are just taking up space....

    I have 50 oz of silver sitting around collecting dust and just taking up space...

    I had no idea what else to do except try and melt them :)

  7. achilles28


    You're saying minted gold or silver contains traceable composite materials?

    Traceable enough to identify the original source/dealer channel even if the metal was liquified and rebarred?

    Thats odd. I thought 99% pure gold or silver would share the same subcomposites..
  8. Probably, im no expert.

    I just know if you sit something, anything, in a blast furnace theres a good chance it will liquify.

    It was my understanding not a huge number of various "collectors" sort of coins were that pure, i mean i havent heard of a 24 carat gold coin for a while........?
    I thought they only needed a tiny portion of the overall content, (the remaing bits ) to identify the actual batch if you like, (with collectors or commemorativecoins in particular) i have read that has been done as a security measure in some instances.

    As far as coins themselves go, that is.......Hmm, maybe Setharb would know, i think hes still sitting on some similiar sort of pirate-like coinage, tucked away in a wooden chest in an unknown location, possibly off a sandy beach...........maybe in the carribean.........
    maybe, in the tropics somewhere, next to an old spanish galleon...................

    with skeletons, and coral encrusted bottles of vintage liquor, rum, parhaps............and brilliantly colored little tropical fishes, dartin' around, unawaaare of the treasure, beloow.

    waiting, waiting, for th'a silverr to come caaallin, when the price gets too much for his morrtal soul to bear, aaarrh.

    Or, it could be in his garage, or he sold it on ebay already, i dont know.

    arrhhh.............shiver me timbers, I dont know whhat im' talkn' about........:)