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    im starting this journal because im starting a new life. ive just moved, im on my own; new town, new people, new places, and im working on a new me. ive got no definite plan for trading now other than im quite fond of macd and charting and that i focus mainly on gold. i used to trade full sized gold but thats not wise as mini is just the same, but ill have 3 times the time to screw up/learn.

    heres just a little trade i did while i was watching good eats before i take a shower and go to bed. trade was biased on a channel that had formed. i exited when it looked like it wasnt going to continue. 1/2 an hour after the trade it didnt.

    buy @ 914.1
    sold @ 914.6

    total profit 12.64

    not much huh, but it comes out to about 50 bucks an hour. the trick is consistency.

    my plans are for a explicit, definite, and written out trading plan. i want to do longer term trading, but a buck is a buck and i might do two different plans (one for long term and the other for intraday trading).