Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

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  1. Anyone seen this yet?
  2. The ultimate anti-chick flick.

    Unsurpassed violence, and brilliantly done.

    The guy knows how to make a movie.

    A great escape from our increasingly pussified culture.
  3. yep
  4. The film is obviously a thinly disguised critique of the Bush administration's idiot foray into Iraq and its subsequent 'a**- kicking' by the Al Zarqawi led insurgents.
    As in the film EVERYONE told them how dangerous it was going to be but the Ship of Folls kept bobbing like a cork onward into the depths of HELL

    Brilliant film by Mel Gibson!
  5. Gibson unblushingly intends "Apocalypto" as a clarion call warning modern man to watch his step or risk following the Mayas into decline and near-extinction. To this end he opens the story with a famous quote from historian Will Durant about the fall of Rome: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." .......
  6. Finally saw it.

    Terrific action movie. Very well done. Cinematography is outstanding.

    I liked everything about it except the very end...just too many coincidences.

    I did not see the connection others have drawn between this movie and the Iraq war, but Gibson definitely has something to say about societies rotting from within.

    4 out of 5.