Mel Gibson to buy Disney?

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    Comcast Out, Mel Gibson In On Disney Takeover?

    The New York Post's Richard Johnson is reporting that "A consortium of mysterious European investors has approached [Mel] Gibson about a possible takeover of Disney now that Comcast has thrown in the towel, sources told PAGE SIX."


    First, Gibson couldn't even get anyone to distribute his movie, and now that it might become the biggest box ofice hit of all time, the movie cognoscenti are interested.

    Well, at least they're paying lip service to the idea. They would still want Gibson to throw in a couple hundred million of his own money to help buy the Mouse House, but they also want him to run the company.

    One insider told Johnson: "We were very impressed with the way Gibson handled 'The Passion of the Christ'" - especially the part where he produced the movie for around $30 million, but has made $600 million in the theaters so far.

    Gibson friends agree: "Gibson has the sensibilities Hollywood needs," one told Page Six. "He has the right insight to lead a studio. Look at those numbers! Now, that is how to make movies - none of this $120 million nonsense."

    But, the source added, "He hasn't said yes, and he hasn't said no" to the proposal for a Disney corporate takeover.

    Another person close to Gibson said, "The discussions have not gone anywhere . . . yet."