Mel Gibson Got Jewed,Screwed,and Tatooed!

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Mel's latest GF from Hell is a Zionist plant, in revenge of Mel's open anti-semitic

  1. Yes, she is a Zionist mole, planted to destroy Mel

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  2. No, she is just a typical money grabbing c**t

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  3. I do not know and I do not care

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  4. She is Obamas fault as the gov. lets any riff-raff into the USA

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  1. loza

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    Mel Gibson’s girlfriend revealed to be Jewish; actor/director offers to convert to Judaism

    A little research into the family tree of Oksana Grigorieva, girlfriend of soon-to-be-divorcing actor/director Mel Gibson, reveals one startling detail.

    Through her father’s side, Grigorieva is Jewish.

    The Russian beauty’s paternal grandfather’s birthname was Davidov, a classic Russian-Jewish surname. It was later changed to Chernuha to avoid anti-Semitism.

    Grigorieva is actually her mother’s surname.

    “Learning [that I'm Jewish] is a very pleasant surprise,” Grigorieva said, adding she intends to become an observant Jew with her beliefs somewhere between conservative and reformed.

    Gibson’s drunken anti-Semitic tirade made many in Hollywood wonder if he harbors any ill feelings toward Jews, especially since his father, Hutton, denies the existence of the Holocaust.

    Does his girlfriend’s Judaism bother him?

    “Not at all,” said a spokesperson for the actor. “Mel has even offered to convert to Judaism–if and when they make plans to marry.”

    Gibson, a Roman Catholic, is currently divorcing his wife, Robyn, after more than 25 years of marriage.
  2. LOL yeah, because too many people being allowed into the usa started with obama... LOL!!! now THATS a good one... almost as good as the "zionist conspiracy relationship" theory where a russian model has a long term relationship and even has a child with mel gibson all just to make him look bad ROFLMAO!!! as if he needed any help with that LOL!!!
  3. loza

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    Well Obama did not start this open border but his (administration's) actions on Arizona speak volumes of these bastards and their flagrant disregard of national security and the welfare of the american people. As for the deviant Jew, Mel was on their cross-hair for a long time.... :)
  4. loza

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    Mel ruined his marriage (I assume that marriage was together only by scaffold) over some Russian "poontang"...that is classic, I do not care how bad she was and I am sure she is not a saint, he put his head into the noose and even kicked the chair over.... and she is not even that good looking...
  5. so just to get this straight, you are making the assertion that this woman was part of some jewish plan to have a long term relationship with, marry, and HAVE a CHILD with mel gibson ALL as a part of a conspiracy to make him look bad and ruin his already ruined public image...
  6. Ricter


    What a vile forum you've linked, what's wrong with you?
  7. hey ric take it easy on them. after all there are people on that board who like you, only hate jews. several who support your mantra (to quote you personally) "more money to the palestinians... for rockets!!"

  8. loza

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    whats wrong with you? Cannot take a joke? FYI the post is a joke!!! I don't know which forum sucks more thou that or ET.....