Mel Gibson ... Does he Drink ? LOL

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  1. Just watched 'Edge of Darkness', pretty decent new Mel flick
  2. what happned to his accent?
  3. One thing is for sure...he's done a great job of destroying his career.
  4. some pos soccer player just tortured some ho that had his kid and fed her to his dogs in Brazil.

    lets keep Mel's 'crimes' in perspective you lefty pinko wimps.

    why the f should this end his career? Did the anti American rantings end that moron
    Sean Penns stinking career?
  5. It appears Mel will be on the republican presidential ticket for 2012. Citizens of Rock Ridge rejoice!
  6. jem


    you liberal fools do not realize what is happening.

    calling all tea party people or all conservatives racist may have served your purposes at first. A lot of white people did not want to be wrongfully perceived as racist.

    But, you socialist ass wipes have done it so much... white people are now starting to say - the hell with you and your liberal racist class warfare... I am against your socialism... so if that makes me a racist in your eyes fine.... lets not stick up for minority rights anymore. You are pushing the independents to the right.
  7. welcome to the fold jem.

    I figured that out, oh, about 1972
  8. jem


    I was convinced affirmative action was reasonable through college and I know blacks do not get hired because it it is so expensive to fire them

    I did prefer that we work this out in a logical and fair manner.

    But, I am past the stage where I can give a shit. These liberal socialist losers have been destroying inner cities for decades and we can't let them destroy anymore.
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