Meghan McCain attacked by conservitive Twitter bullies

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    'You should be on a stripper pole in Phoenix, you're fat and your father sucks': Horrific abuse Meghan McCain suffers at hands of Twitter bullies

    Meghan McCain has been attacked by Twitter bullies, labelling her fat, 'a whore' and suggesting she kill herself, in a vicious stream of abuse.

    The daughter of Republican Senator John McCain, who refers to herself as 'socially liberal', sparked the hateful backlash after she criticised the Republican party on MSNBC's Politics Nation show on Thursday.

    Minutes after the program, extreme-right members of the party took to the 27-year-old's Twitter page to unleash a barrage of nasty tweets, calling her 'a whore', 'a pole dancer' and 'a waste of good boobs'.

    'At what point is this clueless whore (attention whore, but I wouldn't doubt
    the other kind too) going to shut up?,' user Matt Harrison tweeted while another user declared: 'If @mccainblogette's daddy wasn't a senator she'd be a pole dancer in Phoenix.

    '@McCainBlogette is what the leftist MSM wants to make Americans think fits the conservative label, she doesn't, she a lazy little bitch,' said one follower.

    Others poked fun at her weight, calling her 'chunky' and suggesting she had criticised the Republican party on Al Sharpton's show because she had 'missed snack time'.

    'We know how she gets when she misses snack time!!!' the user added.

    McCain tweeted in her defense, insisting she was 'a tough bitch'.

    But in an article for the Daily Beast today, McCain, who worked with her father on his 2008 presidential campaign, admitted the nasty name-calling upset her.

    'You would think that by now, having gone through a presidential election with my father in 2008, I would be numb to this kind of name-calling,' she wrote.

    'But I’m not. It hurts, it rattles me, it (understandably) concerns my mother, and it keeps me up at night.

    She added of her critics: 'When people don’t like my politics, I am happy to have a political discussion with them.

    'But when they don't like my politics and call me fat and say I should die, what's left to say?'

    McCain said one user tweeted that she 'should drink a bottle of alcohol and pills and kill myself' but the tweet has now been removed.

    On Sharpton's show, McCain said that extreme-right Republicans treated her like 'a freak' and that she didn't understand the appeal of extreme bloggers such as Michelle Malkin and the late Andrew Breitbart.

    User @LevinInches responded with: 'Breitbart had more class in his pinky
    finger than @McCainBlogette has in her entire 4 foot, 300 lb body,' while
    another twitterer called her 'a disgusting person', adding 'May God have mercy on your soul'.

    But a number of followers tweeted in McCain's defense.

    Tom Christopher said: 'I apologize to @McCainBlogette for this unmitigated garbage. Doing your job is not 'looking' for sexual harassment' while another follower clarified that the woman 'Did Not 'Smear' Breitbart', adding 'So Leave Her Alone.'
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    I had pancakes for breakfast six weeks ago last Tuesday.
  3. Poor Meghan probably wont eat pancakes because she knows angry mean conservatives will attack her about her weight :(
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    it's been the better part of three months since I had any.

    At least she does have big tits.

  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Once again, free speech. You can't just accept it when you like what you hear.
  6. Informants Wanted! Obama ‘Truth Team’ On Your Marx…Go!
    On May 27, 2012, in news, politics, by velvet hammer

    The Obama Regime is up to their ‘fishy’ tricks again. Free speech and the truth are not O’s thang….never have been.

    Obama ‘Attack Watch’ 2.0 has arrived. Big Brother on steroids.

    Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what you can do to become a charter informant of Obama’s ‘Ministry of Truth’.

    Comrades, are your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors refusing to march in lock step? Report them! Heard a rumor that is not complimentary of ‘The One’? Let us know! Read a blog post that has “attacked” Dear Leader? Turn them in! Dissent of Patriots must be quashed!
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Sounds just like Soviet Russia.