MEGA QE? To start the economy?

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  1. What if the FED announces a Mega QE of all QEs.

    25 trillion dollars.

    And also charge a -2.5% on Reserves.

    Would that be enough to shake the money tree and get cash out to the public and get the economy restarted?

    If you weaken the dollar enough imports go up and it would be cheaper to build in the US again.
  2. ?.....the $25T would go towards debt paydown and speculative activity, not "productive endeavor". :( :mad: :eek:
  3. How about the complete opposite. Don't print one more dollar and get back to non fiat currency. Then what?
  4. bonds


    How about he just announce QE forever and 0 interest rates forever?

    QE and 0 interest rates are so great for the economy why ever go back
  5. You must be long.
  6. bonds


    And how will that keep this great recovery of ours going?
  7. Then i will take all my US dollars, go to walmart and exchange it for the only kind of paper that is worth more than the US dollar, Toilet Rolls.
  8. You want a deflationary depression. The other guy wants an inflationary depression. Pick your poison. :cool:

  9. Yeah pretty much
  10. By then your local walmart will probably look like this.


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