Mega Million 325 Million Dollars

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  1. Pretty good money Cure cancer, feed Africa, world peace ... hookers? :D
  2. Meet all your relatives you never heard of before. Find out you have more friends than you ever imagined. Have all kinds of charities you never knew existed hitting you up for money. But the best part is you can become a politician. Buy your seat in the House or Senate, sit back and wait to collect your fantastic pension and benefits while you f--- the rest of the ordinary folk in the a-- with your laziness and stupidity, and bury the country in a giant pit of governent agencies and debt.
    Oh, yea, my Dad called me last night and wants me to run him out to buy tickets today. You all better be nice to me, and I might send some cash your way when I win! :D Well, except for a few trolls and vendors. A couple vendors I may just buy my CFTC agent to do some enforcement actions, and maybe a couple guys with clubs for a more meaningful action.
  3. buy 1 ticket is enough, buying more than that dosent significantly increase ur chances
  4. Ha, a thought comes to mind, I wonder what the odds are of putting a buck in a mutual fund to hit the big time vs spending a dollar on the mega.:cool:


    Mega Millions
    3-12-19-22-40 MB: 2
    Megaplier: 4 Current Est. Annuitized Jackpot for 08/28/2009:
    $325 Million
    Est. Cash Value:
    $204.6 Million
  6. Sure it does, buying 1 ticket gives u one chance, buying 5 tickets gives you 5 chances.
  7. Moron alert.
  8. Alvin


    he's right.

    buying one ticket is best way to sig increase your chances :D