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  1. The term MM is relative. My wife and I have 2500 sf and I would be happier with 1200, better built and better sound proofing.
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    might put in a cheeky low ball bid for the Costa Rica one... :D
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  4. I noticed that the article says "resistant" to earthquakes and tornadoes. I sure hope they have a "safe room", that's a dangerous area they're building in.

    I like how they got all the illegals to hide inside for the picture. Three trucks on the property, so who do you think is doing the real work??
  5. Here's another example of choosing a good site to build:

    Now that's some waterfront property!! A few times a year they shore up the foundation with sand, and within a few weeks it's all gone. They also have an ongoing beach renourishment project, which spends lots and lots of tax dollars to protect bozos like these all along the coast.

    Guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.
  6. yeah, good luck....this is really so super beautiful there, i wish i could own it.......

    i love the homepage, they offer just the best in the world. first bullshit...from 50k to 100millions...

    some other very cool homes i like.........
    you dont need to spend tens of millions for very unique cool homes....the best are much cheaper. Anyway who needs a house with 50 bedrooms, if you are not in the hotel business....
    :cool: :cool: :cool:

    very cool style

    nice for winter sports
    too expensive for an apartment, that are prices like in NewYorkCity.

    beautiful Costa Rica, for the nature lover....
    (its fucking cheap there)

    beautiful British Columbia - Canada

    or check this out, wanna be the lord of your own castle

    love this....

    So what tells us that, MAKE DA MORE MONEY and become a more RICHER asshole and join the club.
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  8. Its gotta be a serious pain in the ass to go around and check to make sure all the doors and windows are locked at night.
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