Mega doses of vitamin C and my 35 years of experience

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    nope. there are no independent studies that show that magnesium is better absorbed though the skin than orally. i doubt if it is absorbed at all tbh.
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  2. No, I meant something completely different.
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  3. I wrote the above regarding the two experiences I have had while taking mega doses of vitamin C. However, I have just had an additional one!

    I had often heard that some people experience increased energy from taking mega doses of vitamin C. But I had never felt such until a few weeks ago when I unexpectedly ran out of vitamin C. So, as it would take a few days for my order to arrive, I decided to go a week or so without taking it and see what happened. Well, after a few days without vitamin C I did notice a decrease in energy to a certain extent. However, that was mild compared to how I felt when I resumed my 10 gram dosage. I think it was the 2nd day that I felt a significant increase in energy. I walked faster and easier etc. like nothing I had ever experienced before.
    So I'm now convinced that you do experience increased energy even though you do not notice it while constantly taking the vitamin.
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    " the current literature provides little support for the widespread use of vitamin C supplementation to reduce CVD risk or mortality."


    "It purported to show that “thickening” of the carotid artery walls was markedly increased [by a factor of 1.5 in non-smokers and up to five fold in smokers] via supplemental doses of as little as 500mg of vitamin C daily. These results were seen in an astonishingly short period–the study duration was just 18 months."

    Funny part:

    " Last year, the same USC research team (Dwyer, et al) wrote a paper with opposite findings, casting doubt on the new study’s conclusions."
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  5. >Many of the clinical trials testing hypotheses related to vitamin C and CVD have used supplemental vitamin C in doses of 500–1000 mg per day.
    >During a mean follow-up of eight years, it was determined that long-term daily supplementation of 500 mg of vitamin C did not reduce the primary endpoint of incidence of major cardiovascular events.

    Yes, but as always, such studies were done using very low doses. Show me studies conducted using mega doses, not just 500 - 1000mg. 10 grams or more is what I take and my arteries have been shown to be those of a young person!! I'm living proof!!
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    The plural of anecdote isn't data.

    1. The other study quoted showed the OPPOSITE results, the hardening of arteries when taking vit C.
    2. It is possible there is no correlation/completely different reason explanation for your case, maybe it is genetic, maybe you are doing something else right.

    What you are saying is that in small dose it is harmful for the arteries and in big dose it is helpful. (I would like to hear an explanation for that.)
    The data is not conclusive or contradictory at best.


    Personally I believe the only thing that actually clears up arteries is Niacin, but studies are hard to find. Niacin is dirt cheap, not enough money in promoting it.

    "A prescription version of niacin beat out a blockbuster cholesterol-lowering drug in slowing the buildup of plaque in artery walls, researchers report."
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  7. My mother died from atherosclerosis. My diet would give a dietitian nightmares. Everything I do is wrong, except for taking mega doses of vitamin C!!
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    Here is an interesting take by a doctor:

    His point is that it matters a lot what type of vitamin C you are taking, and they are not all equal. I like his analogy of toothpaste on the arteries. He says sugar and vit C are competing with each other for the access on the cracks of the arteries.

    He promotes something called Cyruta, "rotor rooter for clogged arteries."

    "Standard Process Cyruta contains a proprietary blend in combination with the positive effects of Vitamin C. The main ingredient of this blend is Buckwheat, or Fagopyrum esculentum, typically regarded as a food due to the fact that it’s not among the cereal grasses, but the herbaceous plants.

    This formulation mainly focuses on improving the walls of the arteries while helping the body fight against the effects caused by free radicals."
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  9. Anyway, I'll let you know the final results and post back when I'm 150!!
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    Try to find something against prostate problems, because that is the one that will kill ya!
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