Meg Whitman needs a lesson on risk to reward.

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  1. Over 140 million spent on her campaign and she still lost.

    Here we go again with Jerry Brown California...

    Sigh :)
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    California voters have selected two sub-standard intellects for their leadership over two brilliant women. I'm going to enjoy watching the state fail for real now.

    California is finished. Any illusion of equity is going to disappear quickly. Many will flee.
  3. Of course you are. And, no doubt, it's because you love America so much. A true patriot. And such civility.
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    Canadian old-farts yammering on the sidelines... blah blah blah
  5. Maybe so. But we can see you clearly for what you are from our window up here. I can see why people like you avoid self-awareness. No doubt, the process is fraught with disappointment.
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    they get what they deserve if they refuse to elect/exhibit fiscal responsibility.
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    There are consequences to voting for bread and circuses.
  8. Meg looks too much like Yoda. Powerful you have become Jerry Brown, the darkside I sense in you. And yet Prop 19 loses while Jerry wins? Somebody was high in that voting boothe, that's for damn sure.:p
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    Its a mexican thing.

    Meg fired her illegal alien housekeeper. BUZZZT!!

    Prop19 would have diverted money away from Mexico. BUZZZT!!
  10. I just don't get why people would elect a governor that has failed twice already. His "first term" didn't really count under the 2 term limit so now he gets 3. Time to move to either Texas, or Florida... which one do you guys think is better? :)
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