Meeting with potential Swiss investor

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Aquarians, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Aquarians


    A guy I met on the net (like some of you) proved to be a Swiss banker and he'll be in my city next days (not Bucharest but think even Korea has more than one city apart from the capital and Busan is a very important one).

    Told him on my trading system efforts and he's interested in a business chat.

    Any advice? Apart from being honest, which I always were (boards like this are remnants of what being honest can look like).
  2. Robert Morse

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    Sell yourself as much as the system. they are investing you.
  3. Aquarians


    >>they are investing you.

    So not investing IN me. They are literally investing ME.

    Fine :)
  4. Aquarians


    Will soon tell something a less stupider than what I tell now but:

    1) When you give chimps a smartphone, best thing they can put it to use is to crack nuts.
    2) I used to figure out differences in yield curve that have no influence whatsoever on the options market yet they value (tens) of millions on the swap market.
    3) A "bugfixer" is not the same weather you use it for #1 or #2. I used to hate #2 for misusing me, that's before I met #1.

    Eventually when I make my system it's gonna be different. Don't think far from #1 and #2 since if they weren't here there were no such guy as me here.
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    If you look for rare elements not just on Earth but in the Universe, I am one. At this point I'm not saying this out of vanity anymore but interest.
  6. Aquarians


    By the way, this is a story from the Wild East that a lot of Westerners are paying good money to experience.
  7. Aquarians


    And it's fair money. Pay them now or 100x later won't mean shit.

    Cheers from the Wallachian plains!
  8. Aquarians


    >> now or 100x later won't mean shit.

  9. Aquarians


    Frederick, are you the Emperor or his Bodyguard?

    We are the latter and not only we're good at it, we like the job.