Meet ur newest Justice

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ARealGannTrader, Jul 13, 2009.

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  2. :D

    I c the conservatives won't touch this one. The pubs concede defeat on day one:D
  3. I think the correct terminology is " 60 "
  4. I'm afraid you're right. They are spineless, sniveling pricks. They really need to ask themselves why anyone would want to contribute money to them or vote for them. They stand for nothing except getting reelected.

    The irony is that a very strong case can be made against Sotomayor. Sure, she will be confirmed anyway, but it is a way of defining obama, something idiot McCain totally failed to do during his inept campaign. Plus, it gives the dems a taste of payback. Obama voted against Alito on the sole ground that he was a conservative, yet republicans are afraid to oppose sotomayor? I don't understand that, and I surely don't respect it.
  5. That's whats so pathetic. I would have never expected them to roll over on the first day.

    What happened to the good fight?
  6. Ruff, Ruff!!!
  7. They are powerless to do anything. They oppose her and they are labeled racists and then they are done.

    If they are smart they will say nothing and oppose Barry's idiotic policies, watch him blow up the economy and the left is done in 10.

  8. Yeah, but at least fight the good fight!

    Instead, Graham says, we would not have voted for u, but ain't shit we can do about it anyway, so were just here.

    That Supermajority is a beeeaytch:D
  9. Short version of Lindsay Graham's speech:

    "We are a bunch of eunuchs."
  10. The Washingotn Post had a ridiculous editorial today conceding that Obama was wrong to vote against Roberts, Alito and miguel Estrada but that republicans nevertheless should vote to confirm this woman on the grounds that a president is entitled to have his picks confirmed unless they are beyond the pale. Of course, no radical left racist activist will ever be beyond the pale for the Post. Basically, they are advising the republicans to engage in unilateral disarmament. Let your nominees be trashed and voted down on political groudns, but don;t repay the dems in kind.

    The sad thing is that plenty of republican senators think exactly this way.
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