Meet Mitt Romney Economic Advisers

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  1. mitt romney is trying to sell his ability to improve the ecomomy as a reason to vote for him. so who has he picked as his economic advisors?

    mostly the same people who worked for george bush when he blew up the ecomomy. do we really want george bush policies again after they failed so badly the first time?

    so who are his advisors:
    Glenn Hubbard

    Glenn Hubbard was the chairman of President George W. Bushfs Council on Economic Advisers from 2001 to 2003, during which time both pieces of Bushfs massive package of tax cuts became law. And while Hubbard now claims tax reform should target the wealthy, the ideas he has helped craft for Romney fail to do so. Hubbard is one of the major designers of Romneyfs tax plan, which is four times larger than the Bush tax cuts and would explode the federal debt while giving the rich another huge break. Hubbard is also a fierce advocate of financial deregulation and, like Romney, supports dismantling the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In June, Hubbard criticized Obama on the editorial pages of a German newspaper and called for increasing Europefs reliance on failed austerity policies.
    Gregory Mankiw

    Greg Mankiw succeeded Hubbard as the chairman of Bushfs Council on Economic Advisers, during which time he was an advocate of Social Security privatization. He is a staunch defender of the Bush tax cuts and wrote an editorial in 2010 stating that, though he could afford higher tax rates, they would gmake me work less.h The editorial was rife with problems and inconsistencies, as Mother Jonesf Kevin Drum and the Washington Postfs Ezra Klein noted at the time.
    Vin Weber

    Weber served in Congress from 1983 to 1993 and later served as a regional chairman on Bushfs 2004 presidential campaign. Aside from being known as an architect of the 1994 gRepublican Revolutionh that led to a damaging government shutdown a year later, Weber is one of Washingtonfs biggest names in lobbying. He was named the cityfs fifth most powerful lobbyist by Washingtonian Magazine in 2007, and he and the firm he co-founded have lobbied extensively for federal housing giant Freddie Mac (in the GOP primary, Romney criticized Newt Gingrich for lobbying on behalf of Freddie Mac).
    Kevin Hassett

    Hassett has argued in favor of privatizing Social Security, whined over Democratic attempts to have hedge fund managers pay a larger tax on carried interest, and called Warren Buffett an gignorant rubeh for proposing a higher tax on the top 1 percent. Hassett has argued that the financial crisis was caused by the Democratsf defense of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac alone, eschewing the notion that bank malpractice had anything to do with the meltdown. In 2001 when the idea suited a Republican administration, Hassett actually argued in favor of Keynesian fiscal policy during a recession, but of course he changed his tune when it came to Obamafs 2009 stimulus. And in perhaps his most notable move, Hassett penned a book titled gDow 36,000 in 2000, explaining that the stock market would soon rise to more than 36,000 points. Just eight years later, the market collapsed, ultimately falling below 6,500 points in March 2009.
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    Meet Obama's Economic Advisors


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    Advisors and noted deep thinkers from the economic school of doing the same thing over again while hoping for a different outcome. The thing about supply-side is that idiots never seem to be in short supply.
  4. the dow 36000 guy is special.
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    True. But then, each one is a snowflake in his own right.