Medvedev blames U.S. for world financial crisis

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  1. I didnt say russia economy is strong, and there is no corruption... I said with money you can do miracles to resume quickly :)

    With oil at $135 or perhaps more in the future... and usa weak... russia - if plays wisely - can become international key player thanks to huge $$$$$ of oil...

    Why not Ivanovich ?
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  2. My point is there is no MONEY! Russia is getting some increases due to commodity prices, but that's temporary.
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  3. Over four years of rising crude oil prices, Russia accumulated $157 billion in its oil proceeds fund, one of 40 or so sovereign wealth funds worldwide with a total of $2.5 trillion under management.

    NY times (feb2008) :

    and this with oil not at $140...
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  4. $157 billion is like what the US spends for a few months in Iraq.....
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  5. I said "russia - if plays wisely", I dont see USA in Irak as a wise move ;)
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  6. How can a country run by and for criminals and gangsters say anything about anyone?
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  7. piezoe


    So, do you think if Russia can do it there is at least some hope that the US might be able to come back?
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  8. Who knows ? All is possible, if future was predictable it will be easy to trade :)
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  9. yg10


    Do you consider this president's Medvedev speech as the part of this
    wise play?
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  10. I dont have comments on his speech especially, I am not at the kremlin to know if there was a logic behind this speech.

    I just said Russia has a chance, probably small I agree.

    After if they will use it or not, its another story.
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