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  1. laj


    Great piece of software for the money.
  2. For anyone who is using this software and is satisfied with it ,what is the fastest and most stable data feed to hook it up to?
  3. IQFeed, MarketFeed, Stockwatch and eSignal.

    MarketFeed and Stockwatch for Equities and Options only
  4. PLease stop spamming. How many damn
    posts do we need about QT?
    The darn thing is ok but that's it...OK!
    Maybe one day it will be stable but for now expect to live on the support board if you want to use it.

    And Jerry, get a new attitude.
    : :p
  5. a) how was I spamming by replying to the post?
    b) it seems that you are the one needing an attitude adjustment - there was no attitude in my reply one way or another.
  6. my apologies. I did not mean that you were spamming. I was just putting it out there so to speak.

    About that attitude, more to do with your support board than this post. There was obviously no attitude in your reply. I will say, your attiude is usually ok but just sometimes...just sometimes... you can be a bit rude to your customers.

    I no longer use QT for that reason alone although the instability got to me.
  7. rokafella,

    our support is to answer questions and resolve problems that might come up, not to pander to people's sensibilities. On busy days, some answers are short. Thats due to time constrains, not rudeness. Having said that, our message boards tend to be more of a community than many other software support boards and most people do understand that and know everyone posting, and do not take things personally.

    as for stability, most people would disagree. When we do have problems, we go way out of the way to fix them.
  8. Schaefer


    Hello and thank you for providing us with a free software platform that's compatible with most major brokerages (in most cases it's better than the broker's own prop. software :D ).

    I have a question though, I use Cybertrader for day trading but I've just opened up another account with IB for swing trading. I plan to use QT with IB (I cannot stand TWS). Could I be able to use Cybertrader as quote source but use IB to place the trades? Is it possible?

    Thanks in advance :) .
  9. Yes, thats not a problem. The only issue may be with symbols (other than equities). If you double click on a symbol used by cyber to fill in the trade panel, it will not be recognized by IB - you would have to modify the symbol in the trade panel.

    If you are trading futures, you can of course just open 2 portfolios at the same time and have one fed by Cyber and the other by IB (for futures)
  10. Schaefer


    Thank you for the quick reply, I only trade equities so symbols shouldn't be a problem then :) .
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