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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Merc, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Merc


    Is down?
  2. Website seems to be down but I was using the application all day.
  3. taumeson


    it is down. and has been down since yesterday morning.

    This sucks for me since I registered, and now get no registered functionality. I bitched about it in the software reviews a few hrs ago.

    Also there are some other threads going on about it too if you wanna search.

    Suposidly if you go to they have a mirror, but that's suffering the same problems as their primary ( right now. Here's a quote from my 'review' if you wanna read or if anyone wants to bitch me out for puttin down Mr Medved.

  4. Quotetracker is an excellent program, AND Mr. Medved offers a free version. Why don't you use the free version until the Quotetracker site is back up.
    No need to trash their efforts, I am confident they will resolve the problem AND will have developed a contigency plan should this happen again.
    That is what is called "progress"
  5. taumeson


    dont get me wrong, i think QT is a good program, and relativly feature rich for the price.

    its just that registering does give additional benifits beyond just removing the adds, and it really pisses me off that I bought the software (well okay, "licensed") and QuoteTracker's infrastructure wasnt thought through enough to midigate this problem.

    I guess I'm just bitching because an internet shop that generates revenue via subscriptions should have thought through this (and many other) scenerios BEFORE opening it's doors, I dont know how long quitetracker's been in business but dont you think this "little" problems cost Mr Medved a chunk of business?

    Hell, Mr Medved, if you read this shoot me a line telling me how your internet facing nfrastructure is set up and I'll give you 100% free advice on how to make it better/more robust. I'm an IT guy by trade, Trader by hobby.

    Your software is decient, just problems like this after only 1 month of use doesnt make me feel too comfortable. The software itself is pretty reliable, tho a few minor bugs.
  6. himself


    You aren't by any chance the annoying little twerp in the TV ad who "demanded his Maypo, and wanted it now"?

    QuoteTracker is a fine product, they provide excellent support, and just because you paid a few dollars you think you're a freeking patron of the arts, a Renaissance Prince?

    Shiite happens.

    Grow up, it might not be too, late even for you.
  7. taumeson

    you are wrong about the single point of failure:

    1) QuoteTracker software has been working throughout the time in question. It continues to work even if all our servers are down. The only problem you had was with the registration (refer to item 2)

    2) Our registration set up to be redundant. Even if the SQL Server handling the registration database goes down the registration system will still work. However, with our luck, both and domains are BOTH down now. They are hosted with completely separate companies. Here is a post from the main guy at ChicagoWebs, the host for domain:$od6$

    The odds of 2 completely separate hosts that have been extremely reliable up until now going down simultaneously are pretty slim. However, we are adding another server to the list to reduce the chance of this happening again

    (As for the 8 reg sites, thats 2 servers with different methods of validating the registration on each)

    The only thing that happened to you is that you got ads back, which you will be able to get rid of the moment one of our servers is back up. Everything else still worked in the software. Under the circumstances, I think that our system handled this pretty well.

    We have been in business for 5 years, have had server outages before, but never had this type of a situation, and at no time during the 5 years did the software not work (other than showing ads) because of a server outage on our end.

    Jerry Medved
    QuoteTracker, L.P.
  8. taumeson


    LOL... I really dont know what to say about that comment. I mean hell, I wish more people thought like you, It'd make my job in enterprise software a lot easier.

    I mean, what company wouldnt love customers who are so dedicated that they dont mind when shit breaks? Not only that, but you attack people who DO complain. Wow you should donate your DNA for clone research.
  9. How exactly did I attack you? I just pointed out that your assumption about a single point of failure was incorrect.
  10. taumeson


    Think there is a misunderstanding Medved, I was quoteing and replying user "himself" who posted an inane insult (I think I quoted it in my reply)

    Your reply was well thought out and detailed. I apreciate the time spent explaining the situation, and hope this doesnt happen again.

    I actually thought that not beign registered further disabled the software (beyond the 2day chart limit) and reduced quote updates, but I suppose I am mistaken on that.
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