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  1. I tried using Medved QuoteTracker with IB as data feed. But it seems the intraday charts will only start with data from the time you start the program. It cannot display previous data. Is there any way to sort it out? Thanks!
  2. IB has no historical data.
  3. Leave you computer running

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    It won't matter. Everything will be reset to zero as soon as you start the datafeed again.

  5. Right, which is what I think Runningbear meant, but if not, that is true what Db said. The only way to keep it going is to have the datafeed always on. And in the case of IB, since it is not accessible for a short while at nite, then there will be a gap.

    But I can say that yesterday, while running the two together during the day, I shut down the QT and 30 minutes later restarted it, and the data that had been accumulated earlier was still there. The intraday chart just picked up at the new time and there was a gap.
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    Again, it won't matter. Even if you let the datafeed run 24/7, QT resets the clock at midnight, or some other time you set. It does not maintain historical data. The only way you can save a day's data overnight is to save it on your hard drive. Between the reset times, however, you can exit the program and re-enter and still maintain the data you received before you exited. However, there will be no data during the time you were "off" unless your quote source provides backfill, which IB does not.

  7. You're right. My bad.

    So far I'm using the free version. Is it me, or does anyone else feel guilty if they don't click on the ads once in a while just to help the cause and change the number in the counter?

  8. - interface flawlessly w/IB,

    -MULTIPLE DAY CHARTS that collect & store IB quotes (allow you to build a database over time)

    -charts are VERY VERY nice with lots of indicators,

    -Quah's stoch settings (17,1,17) are matched perfectly,

    -cost $40/6months.

    ps dont let the banal website deter you ...this is very nice software

    oh ..also free historical data is available.
  9. The number of times I've seen the word banal in print I could count on one hand. I am not at all well read outside of science and sports. I do know the meaning however, so ...nice word Faster!

    Thanks for the heads up on Sierra Charts. There are some positive comments in the software review also. I'll take a look.

    Thanks again.
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