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Do you like the Quotetracker product?

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  2. it's allright I guess

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  1. Wondering if anyone else is using the quoteTracker product . I frequently find myself switching brokerage firms and hate having to set up new quotelists/ watchlists, reconfiguring my alerts, setting up my indices, etc., etc. With Quotetracker it's great you chose your data source for each aspect of the market, you can even set up a drop down menu, and choose from what brokerage firm your getting quote feeds from, or even subscription quotefeeds such as Esignal, or IQfeed.
    You can also send your orders right through the software to a variety of participating brokers.

    Also product is highly supported, but only via email. I get responses via email as quick as instant messenger.

    Check it out. I like it because I can toggle between quotefeeds quickly just to verify accuracy or whatnot.
  2. I just started checking it out and am impressed by the analytics. At first I thought is was a simple retail program but I was wrong it is not simple at all there is tons of killer functionality and they just integrated the alerts that I really rely on so that makes it more attractive to me as an active trader. It would be great if they add more institutional type of functionality in the future.
  3. I've installed it on 2 computers in the past. Ended up removing the program from both because the CPU usage kept going to 50-100%. Both computers have 512mb of memory. The fans were noticeably louder as a result. I couldn't figure out why this happened. It would probably be useful for backup purposes if one does dot get the above issue.
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    I used to use it for trading before going prop and still use it to track the S&P, good basic charting and the price is right.

    Jerry Medved is also active on the board and very quick to answer any questions, I don't think it sleeps at all, any time day or night an email gets a quick response.
  5. it runs fine on celeron 500 w/512megs of mem.

    its a great program.

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    I am using it also and recommend.
  7. I wonder if Medved has plans for Forex feeds?

    Michael B.
  8. QuoteTracker already supports Forex datafeeds from IQFeed, eSignal and IB
  9. Why would I subscribe to e-sig and use medveds charting? Could you explain the benefits?

    Michael B.

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    To use this awesome software effectively:

    Have an expert knowledge of Windows OS as well as plenty of RAM and CPU power; two or more monitors help also
    Register the program, if only to use the charts fully and free the screen space the ads occupy if not registered
    Subscribe to (pay for) one of the real time streaming data feeds, including backfill, that is listed, in addition to a "free" feed such as your broker. You will do much better with the program. If the subscription is entered from within the QuoteTracker website, "deals" are available
    Expect a long learning curve due to the rich functionality of the program; as you learn more about trading, you will discover that the program already has the features you want and rapidly is adding new ones
    Read the entire help section, and refer back to it frequently. In reading the support forum, one is impressed with how often problems are due to failure to set properly the many customization options in the menus.
    Use the search and FAQ sections of the support forums accessible through the help menu of the program. The common struggle to find correct symbols for indices, futures and options is usually resolvable here or at the site of your data provider(s)
    Enable and utilize the frequent downloads of software updates

    I am not involved with Quote Tracker other than as an increasingly satisfied user.
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