Medved Quotetracker or Sierra

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by traderob, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. traderob


    I now use sierra with Ib feed and scmagic. (as well as qcharts and esignal and wealthlab and....) Have also used ensign, metastock and TS.
    Have never used medved (actually I downloaded it but couldn't get it working so gave up).
    I find sierra easy and problem free so use it most of the time when daytrading. How does it compare with medved and would there be any advantage in using medved?
  2. roberk....i use sierra... could never get medvedquotetracker to work either.that is ok though... i love sierra ease of use.
  3. but I really don't understand why you had problems with Quotetracker. I have used it for some time even before SC and never had any major problems with it.
  4. Neil


    Both I say! I have used plenty different charting packages and this is what I have settled on now.. no system seems to previously have given me exactly want I want in the best balance between cost and features..

    Set up now is IB feeding Sierra on my older pc with two monitors.. using HQuote to fill database for daily charts.. Sierra has excellent charts with most indicators available and a excel type spreadsheet that can be made to do almost anything, including creating your own studies and applying them to charts.. and customised porfolio tracking for example... brilliant and I use it all the time now..

    Main XP pc with two monitors is now running Quotetracker fed by prophet rather than IB as IB is limited feed.. only allows 40 stocks to be displayed on quotes in TOTAL! Quotetracker has a very nice interface and charts and some great features and superb support and help files etc.. much recommended for real time monitoring of positions and daytrading..

    Prophet is used for scanning and altho web based is also good for watchlists and sector type trading... you can have a portfolio of any number of stocks and open charts for all stocks on the same page in one click (as you can for intraday charts on QT) .. very good for visually scanning..

    So basically, the above software allows me to do most anything from daytrading to active swing trading, which is my main thing these days.. and at a total cost of around $50 per month.. prophet and quotetracker can be used for free if you dont mind ads and other limitations (on prophet anyway)

    Depends on what you want to do I guess
  5. The only advantage of QT over Sierra that I can see is its free. I am using Sierra as there was one lilltle thing about QT that irritated the heck out of me but I dont remember exactly what it was and they may have corrected it by now. Something about leaving gaps in the charts. I keep finding new things about Sierra. I just discovered that feature that lets you set alerts off of indicators which is pretty neat.
  6. dbphoenix


    I never had any problem getting QT to "work", but it was pretty clunky. One continuing problem had to do with indicators changing their values even though the bar had been completed. Another was a memory drain from this or that (one would be fixed, then another would pop up). It was, in a phrase, a leaky dike. Then there was the whole issue of having to start from scratch every day, which made indicators useless at or near the opening.

    Yes I went through the whole email/user group thing, but why bother? I don't have time that during the day. SC is next to free and I've never had a single problem with it
  7. traderob


    Since opening this thread I have reinstalled medved and it is working fine. looks rarther attractive.. Can't remember what the problem was last time..
    Except that I can't figure out how to get futures data from IB. What are the symbols?
    Also is what db says above true, that the charts start with no data from the previous day?
  8. QT will save the previous days data from the IB feed, so you shouldn't have any lag in your indicators.

    Obviously, it depends on what time you start the program in the morning and if there was a large gap from PDC in the GLOBEX session which could skew things.

    For e-mini S&P futures the ticker for QT is GLOBEX:mad:ESH4.

    Good luck!
  9. Ironic. I was touting Sierra a few minutes ago and now Im having problems. ES and YM charts are not doing anything. NQ is working fine. Restarting doesnt help.
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