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    The following is my latest comment on Medved QuoteTracker. What do you think? However, I missed two points. One is on the wish list about the Unix/Linux support with open source at a certain points in the future! Two is that I wanna say thank you very much...

    Good enough for many serious swing trading as well as day trading. Excellent to see friendly supported QuoteTracker getting better and better. As for the ads and related resource consumption, that is the only price to pay for getting this handy software for free. Nevertheless, greedy users like me never let the wish list shrink shorter.

    1. capability to manage historical intraday and daily data including quotes and news etc.

    2. more charting features like support of tick interval and customized indicators

    3. more sophisticated programmable alarm framework. well, how about invent a "QT" language for this and many other tasks.

    4. multiple windows for portfolio and watch list.

    5. capability for streaming data out with QT open standard interface as well as popular third party interfaces

    6. Become faster, smaller, and more secure as much as possible.

    7. Organize an open/free IRC or P2P Napster-like market data exchange for historical daily and intraday quotes and news etc.
  2. Spark


    But there are still some rooms for improvement in QT such as
    1. emini futures don't have historical data
    2. it would be nice if there is a TAB or button for a 1 minute, 5 minute, ...daily, weekly charting right at the top of the chart window. Currently one has to right click and select for the feature....

    I like the charting feature most...For the same number of charts in any other software, one would have to set up so many multimonitors..

    just a few suggestion
  3. generosity, good customer service, and dedication were long gone. Then along came Jerry Medved and Co. with their QuoteTracker.

    Being a neophyte, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this FREE software. Seeing charts in action is great preparation for the real thing. I could have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars purchasing other software and paying on-going subscription fees for something that does virtually the same thing as QT.

    Customer service? It's incredible how quickly Jerry and his team respond to inquiries, better than some pay-for services.

    Dedication? Updates and upgrades to this product are released often. And they're useful, too. The integration with Interactive Brokers (and others) is one example. Also, last price highlighted on the y-axis is way cool.

    I personally don't think this program uses too many resources or CPU time--at least on my 1.8-GHz machine. Some one mentioned that the program caused their PC's fan to run all of the time. I don't see how, unless they have a laptop with a Celeron. I watch CPU utilization from Task Manager (Windows 2000), and I don't pass the 10% line.

    Some complain about the ads--hey, 'gift horse' comes to mind here. They don't bother me at all. I can accept them on a free product. Besides (don't tell Jerry...), you can simply cover the ad banner with their useful charts!

    The upgrade that will make everyone sport wood (or flash high beams) is historical charting beyond the current day. Don't worry, it'll come if I know those folks!

    Thank you Jerry, Mazel, and the rest of the team!:) :) :)

    (maybe I should have posted this in the reviews section as well...)
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    Yes, some trading software is exurbantly high...for example, one time I was paying as much as 250/mo just to see realtime charts and quotes....but it had some nice feature as well
  5. Check out the latest QuoteTracker beta; QT now has support for multi-day historical charting.

  6. as marketnoize mentioned, the latest beta supports multi-day intraday charts:

    It also supports TICK Charts (qdz2)

    Cannot do P2P type of stuff for data. Violates all kinds of redistribution restrictions.

    Spark - QT DOES have historical data for eminis. You just have to use a quote source that supports them. IQFeed, CyberTrader or myTrack for example

    We don't like tabs on charts - waste of space. You do not need to right click to switch. Just hit 1,2,3,4,5.... on the number pad.
  7. dis


    QT intra-day charts suck. I would like to see QT integrated with Prophet's JavaCharts, both RT and historical.
  8. shneed


    I have MyTrack as the quote source as well as level II quote source, is it possible to view streaming time and sales in the level II window or any other window that can be linked to the level II window?

  9. dis - Everyone else seems to disagree with you. Our intraday charts are much better than Prophet's. What exactly do you not like?

    shneed - Bring up the Raw Data window. Link it. Raw data shows every quote QT has on a given symbol. If using a tick-by-tick quote source such as myTrack, that is same as T&S (actually more than T&S)
  10. mr. medved,

    of all the aspects of trading, dealing with QT and their customer support has been the least of my worries. great service!

    thank you,

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