Medved Quotetracker - Best Data Feed?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by slapshot, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    What have you folks found to be the best data feed for QuoteTracker?

    I already use IB as one of my brokerage accts - is the IB feed very good or is a subscription to say IQ Feed better?

    Any feedback appreciated....

    Mostly concerned with E-Mini data.

    I noticed that IQ Feed is listed as "tick by tick" data - does that mean something more than the obvious? Is not IB also tick by tick?


    "Software Rookie" Paul :)
  2. horseman


    I use IQFeed. 20 bucks +$3 for exchange fees. Fast and reliable. Used them for 2 months, no down time yet. IB is not tick by tick (so I am told) so total volume will not be accurate, but I could never get volume data with IB anyway (I have vol data on my TWS platform, but not on QT charts or T&S table). Only problem with IQFeed is they will show locked market many times when none really exists. In my case, that's not a big problem.
  3. Whiz


    G'day slapshot.

    I use QuoteTracker with MyTrack datafeed to trade Eminis.

    I'm very happy with the speed and quality. MyTrack is tick by tick also.

    I have Silver Plan at $19.98/mth
    plus SDK enabling $25/mth
    plus CME $10/mth

    Total $55 a month.
  4. Thanks to those who have replied -

    Is anyone using the IB feed? Medved lists it as one of their top recommended feeds but I'm trying to find out if somebody here has tried multiple feeds and has settled on the best one...


  5. IB is certainly a good feed, the only problem being that there is no backfill (past data will be lost if TWS is disconnected)

  6. Can you tell me how many days of intraday historical ES & NQ data is available with that mytrack subscription?

  7. I use myTrack woith AIQ TEP and I have 15 days of intraday data.
    Guess same thing with other soft.
  8. Whiz



    In the past, I've used QT with IB data and it's an excellent option considering what you pay for it. It's fast, it's accurate and it served my purposes at the time. But no backfill and connectivity gave me the occasional problem. One could argue it's better than a data feed because there is no chance of feed delay, such as my Esignal experiences in the past. But apparently it's not tick by tick and also won't give you ALL the data that is out there. But I've used it and it's a very solid backup for me in the event MyTrack cuts out (which hasn't happened to me yet)

    It's 15 days as I understand it. For Quotetracker, backfill has a max capacity of 5 days if you're registered or 2 days if you're using it for free.
  9. opm8



    How did you manage to get that ultra low price from IQFeed? Even with the Ensign discount here's their cut & pasted price list:

    Startup Fee: WAIVED! (Normally $50)
    IQFeed Basic Service: $50/month
    IQFeed RT Futures & Futures Options: $20/month *
    RT US Stocks & Canadian Stocks: Included *
    IQFeed RT Equity Options: $20/month

    *Exchange Fees Extra for Real-Time Data

  10. regough


    Don't quote me on this( no pun intended ) but I believe there is some sort of special deal if you sign up through Quotetracker(cooperative marketing??)
    #10     Mar 12, 2003