Medved QuoteTracker and IB

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trader963, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Medved QuoteTracker and IB

    Can i get charts for the SSf with this and IB?
    How about futures charts?

    How about european charts?

    Is the system ok? Problems?
  2. cheeks


    I tried it once. Could not get it too work off IB feed.(probably my fault!) I put in an email to support and never heard back from them. I have not put any effort into it since.
  3. DrKoch


    to use the IB realtime data feed (very cheap) with a good charting and backtest software try
    This connects IB's TWS with wealth-Lab developer, one of the best software tools for backtest and trading system analysis.
  4. def

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    No clue, but there is a quotetracker forum on the ib web site (which jerry medved follows) which you may want to try.
  5. paradox


    I have tried QuoteTracker and IB together for charting ES and NQ, and it works. In the past, there were problems getting the correct volume data, but it's OK now.
  6. arzoo



    How does the ES and NQ work with Quotetracker & IB. I ask because the time I tried it for the intraday chart I could only get data on the time I'm logged in, so if you go out for a while, there will be blank spots in the chart.

    Did I do something wrong? or is there a setting to fix this?

    Also, do they have multi day charts?

  7. CHEEKS.... i tried it once also a could not get it work or get any help...... i switched to sierra charts with IB data feed and i love it. It cost me $7.00 a month but it is worth it absolutely.
  8. paradox


    The problem is that the IB datafeed doesn't support backfill, so you always have to be logged on when using the IB feed...

    I think they will support multi days charts in the future -- 2 days for free users, 5 for registered.
  9. corvus


    I use quotetracker with IB as a backup chart in cases when my primary datafeed goes down. But like someone else said, you can't do backfill with IB, so unless you already had it running all day (I start it every morning first thing and just leave it minimized) you're toast. If you also use, backfill is easy, BUT, the symbols don't match up with IB so you can't backfill your chart from IB with A symbol map between feeds is a feature I'd like to see added.

    It doesn't have alot of indicators or customization potential, but it's a good backup, and a good way of charting things that may or may not be provided by your datafeed but that you can get in IB.
  10. Max Pain

    Max Pain

    My God some of you guys can't get anything right.

    QT works very well with IB. So as for working well togther, that is not a problem and never has been. The problem is IB does not support backfill so if you're not logged on you have gaps. The other problem is QT only supports current day charting. That is up to now... in a few days a beta with 5 day charting and TICK charts will be released. 5 days is better than 1 but still weak imo.

    So that's the news.

    Maybe it's enough for you and maybe it isn't...

    But don't come on here saying you couldn't figure out how to get the two god they were the simplest install and config I've ever done! It's like they were made for each other.

    ps yes, sierrachart & IB work just as well, and sierra is a great program.
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