Medved QuoteTracker a resource hog?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by a529612, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. JA_LDP


    I'm running it on a 400MHz machine with 320MB ram and a cable internet conection with no significant slowdown. I only track about 20 stocks though and when I have QT running I usually listen to music and surf the web. I also have norton antivirus, zone labs security suite and aol instant messenger running in the background. Even at home on my parents dial-up, I don't have a problem. Only the historical backfill takes a little longer.

    My initial reaction to the OP was, "hmm...maybe spyware?"
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  2. siki13


    What a cheap guy you are :confused:
    For 50$ you can buy 1gb ram
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  3. It would be interesting to know what you CAN run with this setup.

    You must have a really really OLD computer...

    Junk it and get a new one. They are cheap nowdays...:p
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  4. re siki

    it worked fine before why should I upgrade?- because of developers ever pushing the limits of computers- order the stuff ( I doubt it's only $50), trash the old memory for which I would have no use , and spend time unplugging my PC and taking it down?

    NO! besides do you know how much discarded computers( and parts) pollute?

    The point is not about spending $50 today Another machine that I run with twice as much memory is getting slowed also by the newer versions of QT and other stuff. The point is in 2 years at this pace you will need 2 GB minimum to run software. Then what ?

    If they don't constantly upgrade they don't sell anymore , that 's the way it works .
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  5. Kicking, we run multiple versions of QT side by side with identical configuration specifically to compare performance, memory usage, etc. We have not seen any issues with the current one.

    You have given absolutely no info about how you are running QT, or even what versions you are comparing. If you want us to resolve the problems, email us with the details and we will look into it. Just making general complaints about it without the details isn't going to fix it.

    No, that is NOT the way it works. QuoteTracker registration is recurring billing. We make the same amount of money if we release 1 upgrade per year, or 12.
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  6. I have personally used QT for over two years....and I upgrade every beta change as soon as it has been released....and have had no problems with QT at any time...while requiring data for over 40 charts...
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  7. gpzany


    I wholeheartedly agree... have been tracking 50 stock symbols + indexes + Emini futures for the last 3 months, and have not had any issues. Six charts, Portfolio list and a watchlist plus 3 T&S windows open all the time.

    I am running a Athlon XP 3200 @ 2Ghz with 1.0 GB of RAM. Together with IB's TWS, AVG, Kerio firewall, buttontrader and firefox, I have not seen any slowing whether QT is running or not.
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  8. trader99



    For some reason, I'm not getting any quotes on QT. Hmm... Every so often I get this issue. What does this mean? Time zone difference? Too early?

    My IB is up and running fine. And futures are trading now too.

    Other than that, QT is super.


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  9. Trader99,

    I am quite sure that would not be related to the topic here. Email QT support and indicate the following in the email:
    1) QT version
    2) TWS Version
    3) If the quotes update in TWS
    4) the connection color in QT
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  10. Tums


    256MB is barely enough for OS

    Firefox? it all depends on how many tabs you have opened !!!

    go to Windows Task Manager,

    click on the Performance tab,
    see your Peak Commit Charge
    if it is larger than 70% of your Total Physical Memory, you better spend some money on memory.
    As a trader, you can't afford for memory to swap.


    click on the Processes tab
    click on the Mem Usage tab twice (until you can see the processes are lined up from large memory usage to small)
    you can now see which programs are hogging the most memory.
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