Medved QuoteTracker a resource hog?

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  1. Does anyone use QT? My system doesn't feel as snappy whenever that software is on.
  2. That's a very generic question, um, what is your setup.

    I have a basic Pentium 4 CPU 2.40 Ghz, 1.0 GB of Ram on which I run a triple screen, excel and NT (as well as your assorted thread), and I'm doing just fine with Medved.


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    Same problem here. It seems to be a function of the number of intraday charts I have open as well as the width of the "Chart" column for each symbol. You might want to play around with varying the size of the Chart snapshot.
  4. I'm using P4 1.8G, 256Mb RAM running, Matrox vid card, single LCD and nothing but Firefox, Kerio Firewall and AVG anti-virus.
  5. I think you should disable all the background applications like Anti-Virus and so on, after that if it's still slow, I think you can try buying more RAM.
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    You might want to upgrade your RAM to 1 GB or at least 512 MB.

    I have a Dual Core 1.83 with 2 GB of RAM and it is sometimes sluggish.
  7. if you have 256M of RAM, I would be surprised if your system felt snappy with or without QT :)

    First thing - you really need to increase the amount of RAM.

    To help tune stuff further, would need to know much more about your system and how you use QT. The difference in how QT is used from one client to another can have a HUGE affect on how much memory, system resources and CPU QT will utilize.

    Would need to know stuff like:
    Spyware detection software
    Firewall used (software ones)

    QT version
    # of symbols tracked
    # of charts open
    Type of charts
    Indicators on charts

    May be other things, but that should be enough for starters.

    Also, I think there is a post on our message boards in the FAQ section for the top 10 (or 15) things to do to improve performance.

    Jerry Medved
  8. QT is consuming a whole lot more resource than it used to depending on
    how many charts you have open, and your broker.

    i run QT on a 256 MB machine and thing sare really slow especially when using the backfill

    I wish they would do something about it .

    but no "just upgrade" is the motto with software developers
  9. Kicking - "consuming a whole lot more resource" is hardly fair either. It is not enough of description to identify the problem. Would need to know specifically what the issue is - CPU usage, Memory usage, GDI or USER objects, Handles, etc.

    Which version are you using? There were some previous versions that were consuming more system resources, but that has been addressed in current production and beta versions.

    If you are using a current version (3.7.6B or higher) then we would need to see specifically what your settings are and compare to the version that you say used less resources. If this is the case, then email QT support with the setting.
  10. I believe and agree with you 100% Kicking.

    Quotetracker has increased the quality, complexity and sophistication of their charting by at least 4x since they started.

    What they "have done about it" is to create this extremely sophisticated tool at the overwheleming requests of their loyal users.

    Perhaps they can market a "scaled-down" version to retail traders with different needs/specs ... after all they are trying their best to be all things to all people (and we know how easy that one is!) :D


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