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  1. Will the quote tracker program work on the new 64 bit machines.
    Thanks for any replies.
  2. yes
  3. SamGold


    Jerry: What is the source code language of quotetracker, please?.
  4. Delphi
  5. Thanks Jerry. regards
  6. SamGold


    It's a nice program. Lots of features. Thanks Jerry.
  7. SamGold


    Hi again Jerry.

    Idea: Grab your source code, strip it 95% free of what is not needed (indicator stuff, etc) (or leave it there as an optional gadget), add compatibility with a few tick by tick datafeeds (especially zen, CQG, TT, etc) and make it do MP (time) and footprint charts with volume at price.

    Sell/lease the "new code" for a fee or if you have a better marketing ploy give it away free. I know I'd use it, instead of the marketdelta, RT, or fin-alg knock-off ninja C# shit code that's available currently.

    It shouldn't take more than a few days coding for an expert like you. You already have volume profile in your QT...

    Just an idea. All I ask in return is a fully functional copy open-lease for life for a dozen different machines.:D
  8. SamGold


    I was kind of serious with this. How much and how long would it take to develop QT into a MP and footprint software app?. To streamline it clean of non-required features?.
  9. cannot just "grab the source code", since we don't own it.
    What is considered not needed by you may be a life requirement for someone else
    and it would take a long time to do.
  10. I couldn't trade without QT and it's a great piece of work.

    Jerry, how much longer will it be around, now that I have it patched.

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