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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by MRWSM, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. MRWSM


    Anyone pick up Nasdaq Summation Index with this? If so then how? Symbol?:)
  2. MRWSM


    Not sure if there is a symbol for Medved to pick up the Nasdaq Summation Index, but I doubt it..
  3. Jeffo


    Depends on your datafeed.
  4. If I am correct, what you are referring to is a technical indicator, not an index that can be tracked using a symbol, right? If so, we do not have it.

    Jerry Medved
  5. Which datafeed is the fastest, most reliable used with Medved Quote Tracker?
  6. IQFeed, MarketFeed and myTrack are your best bets as far as subscription sources. (look at

    Quite a few brokers have excellent datafeeds as well. Which one do you have accounts with?
  7. Esignal

    I'm just checking out what else is out there in the same class.

  8. Merc


    Can you comment on IB datafeed?:confused:
  9. I am not Jerry but I have IB datafeed and have downloaded quotetracker and I have to say that it has worked excellent. I did use but after the feed was stopped about 5 times a day I decided I needed something else and you cannot beat the price with quotetracker.

    Jerry you have an unbelieveable product.

  10. chipware


    I agree. I use QT with Ameritrade and LOVE the combination. The integrated trading works flawlessly! I'm seriously considering spending the $60 to get rid of the ads (and support the author =) ).
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