Medved quote tracker problems with IB

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by AeroKen83, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    My broker is IB,
    Im using QT, I set up the setting in TWS as QT stated, but it just doesn't seem to display any quotes, it doesn't even connect.
    I downloaded the latest version of TWS and QT

  2. Ken, did you go through the setup help page instructions at:

    What exactly happens when you try to connect? What color is the connection indicator?

    Is TWS running at the same time on the same computer?

    Are you using any software firewall?

    If you want to get this resolved quickly, its FAR better to email QT support with the details
  3. Yes, Ive set it up exactly as stated on
    the colors just green moving strip and it says connecting...
    Yes TWS is running at the same time on the same comp.
    I just turned my firewall off and it still doesn't connect.
    Ive email QT but awaiting reply.
    But the wierd thing is, IB customer service said that I need to subscrip with the NYSE open book realtime for $60 for QT to work
  4. You definitely do NOT need to do any such thing unless you want to get Open Book data in QT. You just need to be subscribed to whatever exchanges that you want to get data on. If the quote on a given symbol works in TWS it will work in QT.
  5. You see, thats the wierd thing, in the TWS, its just blank and doesn't display anything even though I got some stock in the underlying
  6. Ohhh, if you are not getting quotes in TWS, you aren't going to get any in QT either. Are you subscribed with IB to the basic US exchanges? (assuming that is what you are getting quotes for) or whatever exchanges you are trying to track?
  7. Oh ok,
    I just check the market data subscription from IB trading access page and the 'US Securities and Commodities Bundle Non-professional - Level I' was uncheck. I just subscriped to it now for free.
    I check it that works now