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  1. Can I make a second down load of Medved quote tracker on a new computer and delete the version on my old computer without ending up paying double for it. And if so, can you tell me how to go about doing it.
  2. Back when I used it you could have a limited number of licenses for the original purchase price. I had a license for my home computer and at work.

    Not sure if that's still the case.
  3. nothing has changed I am sure, but they don't charge for the registrations anymore.. Just re-enter the registration code you had before, or you can just get the patch that was posted on the other thread to get the fully registered version + 60 days on intraday charts
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    Does the 60 days on intraday charts apply regardless of which quote source I use?

    On another note... Just want to say this to you j_medved and whoever you might have had helping you develope Quotetracker... I've been a long time subscriber and it will be a sad day for me if/when they let it go by the wayside. Great piece of software man.
  5. As I understand it, it builds up the historic data locally - so you can't simply hit backfill and expect 60 days, but if you log in every day it will build up over and above what your data source provides.

    I'll second that Quotetracker is one of the finest applications I've had the pleasure to use (especially the tick-accurate trend line anchoring and customisable paintbars) and I intend to continue using it until IB's TWS does something incompatible (fingers crossed).
  6. Jerry you are tops man. Unfortunately, I don't have a registration code. Do you know where I can get it? Can I used the old email address for service to do that? Regards.
  7. 60 days - if using TDA or IQFeed, you should be able to backfill - IQFEED may need an update for the config files since the patch didn't have that particular file updated. Otherwise, have to gather the data..

    Registration code - you can email QT support and after a few days, they may reply. The patch doesn't need a registration code.

    And thanks :)
  8. Thanks for the reply Jerry. Take care and regards.
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    Thanks for your reply PO. I use IB as well and have no probs logging in with my old subscription code/settings...just thought about downloading the patch if it will enable me to get more than the standard five days of intraday data via IB. Once again, thanks.
  10. I sent QT support an email two days ago and didn't get a reply.:(
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