Medved Quote Tracker Data Feed ?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by toby400, Jan 7, 2002.

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    I'm looking for a live streaming chart data feed for the above to trade US shares and Indicies, maybe trading once or twice a day only.

    I've seen and

    Both look good albeit it looks like Prophet also provide charts as well as data ?)

    Any thoughts on the above are welcomed.

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    Is the Scottrader very similar to Medved QuoteTracker?
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    Medved Qoute Tracker is free but you need a data feed for it. If you have an account with a broker they will give you a data feed. If you don't, I thinks Scottrade has a data feed for free.
  5. MarketFeed is realtime streaming tick by tick feed. If you have
    an account with RJT it is also tick by tick but not as reliable as
    MarketFeed, but the feed is free. ScottTrade can only handle
    10 stocks and it is not the most reliable. Datek's feed is free
    if you have an account with them. Datek's feed is not the most
    reliable either. Don't know much about Prophet except they are
    the most expensive, but you get their charts. I believe Sonic
    Trading was just added to the possible feeds for QT. I believe
    FreeTrade is also a new one. Soon I believe DTN.IQ will be a
    feed choice.

    With MarketFeed you can have 200 symbols. With RJT, you can
    only have 80. Datek is 80 also. Don't know about Prophet.

    Best have a reliable OS to go with QT or it likes to crash!

    Go scope out the Yahoo QT group. You can get answers to
    any question you have about QT...

    Oh, my choice for the best RT tick by tick and the most reliable
    feed for QT is MarketFeed.

  6. The backfill function is not working anymore. Anyone is having that problem? Thank you
  7. Who do you get your backfill from? At the moment I have to
    get my backfill one stock at a time from Don't know
    why. I think it has something to do with the new beta...