Medved QT

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bandit77, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. I started using it in earnest yesterday and today. I'm blown away by how good it is. well don Medved.

    is there a way to get real time 3 month chart? meaning today's trading as part of the historical 3 month chart to see where things are with today added?

  2. Thanks Bandit.

    As for 3 month chart, if you use the beta version of QT:

    its real-time by default - QT uses the intraday OHL and LAST data to build the last candle on the chart.
  3. Day 3. absolutely fantastic. I think the best complement to Jerry is that QT makes my trading more efficient, if not better.
  4. Join the club. It really takes awhile to learn all the features that are not immediately apparent. It only has one fault now, the puny ohlc bars, but since Im the only person in the whole friggin universe that uses them it doesnt matter.
  5. easyrider - the beta QT version has variable width OHLC bars. (don't remember if you were the one who originally requested it). So if there is room, QT does draw the OHLC bars thicker, up to 5 or 6 pixels wide I think
  6. Jerry,

    one small request. Yahoo seems to be a good news aggregator, or at least the one I use. is there a way to have a link to it via right click on a quote like the Yahoo earnings or Yahoo message board option? If not, can you put it on the request list? Thanks,

  7. I downloaded the beta version when it came out and clicked on thicker wicks but there is no difference. You can make them thicker by expanding your chart and reducing the number of bars to about a dozen but this is not much help. I would love to see them the same as your indicators with a button for different widths. I know it will happen some day so I'll bide my time. Everything else has come to pass.:)